<p><b>Law that prohibits smoking in hospitals, on bus stops and public events was accepted in Israel</b></p> <p>Israel Ministry of Health and parliamentary commission on public health have increased list of places were smoking is illegal. New law draft about smoking ban in public places was accepted on May 2nd on Knesset session.</p> <p>As radio station Kol Israel informs, parliamentarians have significantly increased list of places, smoking in which is not legal. From the beginning of June smokers can be exposed to big fine for consuming tobacco products near Western Wall, in the buildings of ministries and agencies (including National Insurance Institute, employment agency, Tax office and so on), on public events (concerts, performances, meetings and so on).</p> <p>Also it prohibited to smoke in function halls, outdoor pools, on bus and tram stops, on railway platforms, at entrances and on the territory of medicinal institutions and so on.</p> <p>At the same time is allowed smoking on stadiums during concerts and sport competitions.</p> <p>Earlier in Israel was prohibited smoking in closed public places: in commercial centers, cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops, in train and bus compartments and so on.</p> <p>As the head of parliamentary commission that discussed the question about smoking ban in public places, Haim Katz has marked, 78 % of country population don't smoke. "Deputies intend to guarantee air clear of tobacco smoke for large majority of country population, - Katz has explained, - Smokers should understand that they harm health of people that are near burned cigarette".</p> <p>High price of tobacco products on internal market conditioned by incredible taxes on <b>cigarettes</b> has obliged thousands of Israelis to quit smoking. Only for March of current year import of tobacco products in Israel has reduced by 5.2 %. In such a way, one in twenty smoker has refused buying of next cigarette pack.</p> <p>Totally in Israel are monthly consumed from 27 to 30 million packs of <b>cigarettes</b>. It means that on each country resident falls approximately 4 packs of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> every month.</p> <p>Let's mark that purchase price of average cigarette pack makes 6.44 shekels for one unit of product. Tax on <b>cigarettes</b> in Israel makes more than 340 %.</p>