<p><b>Female cigarettes dependence appeared to be stronger than male dependence</b></p> <p>American scientists have studied mechanisms of nicotine dependence formation among men and women.</p> <p>It appeared that female dependence practically doesn't depend on pharmacological nicotine effect that is why it is overcome more difficult.</p> <p>Researchers from Yale University have analyzed density of nicotine receptors in the brain of 52 men and 58 women, approximately half of which smoked.</p> <p>It appeared that during regular smoking in male brain increases density of these receptors but in female - remains approximately on the same level as in the brain of non-smokers.</p> <p>So, nicotine dependence of men is mainly physical (increased number of receptors requires constant "feeding" from without), but female - psychological, most likely connected to smoke aroma and flavor and also smoking ritual itself.</p> <p>It means that replacement therapy with nicotine in form of, for example, patches, is less effective for women than for men. Women have to change their treatment of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> that has firmed in psyche and it is more difficult.</p> <p>Health of this difference in brain's biochemistry among sexes remains unexplained. However, scientists suppose that it may be connected with progesterone hormone level of which in female body is higher, moreover after ovulation. Number of nicotine receptors is in opposite relation to progesterone concentration in the blood.</p>