<p><b>Blush cigarette pack will help to quit smoking</b></p> <p>Great Britain government takes new steps in smoking control and at present moment seriously is considering law about universal pack of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> of absolutely all brands. Design of cigarette pack is made in minimalist style: it is generally deprived of modern colorful execution and advertising tricks. Build Company that has designed the model of package, states that new design will help making smoking less attractive.</p> <p>Designers have left only one color strip on the pack to differ cigarette brands.</p> <p>All information on the pack is printed with Monospace font. Also on each pack a bar-code is applied or QR-code that is easily recognized by mobile phone's camera and that hides under them links on web-sites with information about smoking harm, its' consequences and ways of quitting smoking. However, the pack itself contains some such data. For example, one side informs on what time each cigarette cuts life, another side - detailed list of ingredients that it contains.</p>