<p><b>Horrible picture on cigarette pack is stronger than words</b></p> <p>Horrific pictures on cigarette packs designed to break of the smokers' habit, influence considerably stronger than other, including verbal warnings about smoking harm.</p> <p>To such conclusion came researchers from USA who interrogated 200 smokers. As they have found out 83 % of interrogated persons remembered warning if it was attended by appropriate picture while text informing about smoking harm was kept in mind just by 50 %. Research was published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine.</p> <p>Scientists from Pennsylvanian University have applied technology of tracking the gaze in order to measure how long smokers hold their gaze on that or another part of warning placed on cigarette pack.</p> <p>After this participants of experiment were offered to reproduce in writing warning content in order to find out how well they have remembered it.</p> <p>Authors of this research came to conclusion that the faster the smoker's gaze stops on the text that attends picture and the longer they have examined the picture itself, the bigger was chance that they will remember this information correctly.</p> <p>A picture is worth 1000 words</p> <p>According to research director, associate professor of psychiatry department of medicine faculty of Pennsylvanian University Dr Andrew Strasser, significance of this discovery cannot be exaggerated.</p> <p>"Except the fact that we have determined obvious benefit of such graphic warnings, we have received important knowledge that will help increasing effectiveness of such warnings in future", - Dr. Strasser is certain.</p> <p>In April Great Britain government has started consultations with purpose to find out if it worth to start selling tobacco products in standardized packs.</p> <p>As one of possible variants is examined opportunity of producing packs of one color with the same text and picture and without brand names.</p> <p>Tobacco Manufacturers' Association (TMA) initially has welcomed such consultations, however, its' representatives insist that meanwhile not all have seen scientific proofs that unified package is able to lower level of smoking among young people.</p> <p>"We believe that government should refuse idea of unified packages as it will just facilitate the execution of task for those who falsifies and will considerably aggravate work of legal Sellers", - General Secretary of Association Cheeseholm Cont declared.</p> <p>USA Ministry of Health gave orders for graphic warning tom appear on cigarette packs from September 2012, however tobacco Companies have disputed this decision in the court. As of yet, the only country in the world that has agreed to introduce unified packs without brands remains Australia.</p>