<p><b>Most Spaniards supported smoking ban on beaches</b></p> <p>According to interrogations' results approximately 69 % of Spain population is in favor of smoking ban on beaches and near open pools. During research were interrogated 670 people who live in different Spain cities and represent different social groups.</p> <p>It is also known that interrogation results have shown that 64 % of population consider ban introduction effective. According to their opinion, thanks to new law, in the country has reduced number of smokers and has increased tourist flow.</p> <p>Let's remind that Spain is one of the most smoking countries in Europe. From 2006 when in the country came into force law that prohibits smoking on working places, authorities run active campaign against this harmful habit. Since January 2011 in Spain is prohibited smoking in hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops and those who infringes have to pay penalty.</p>