<p><b>Refusing cigarettes leads to four "extra" kilograms a year</b></p> <p>French scientists from University of Paris South have monitored weight change of people who decided to quit smoking. After analyzing medical indices of almost 1200 healthy men and women, specialists have found out when and in what volume "extra" kilograms come.</p> <p>During first year people, who refused <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, put on 4-5 kilograms. The most dangerous for body scientists have named first three months of "nicotine hunger". After 30 days ex-smokers have gained weight in average by 1.12 kg. In 30 days more they gained 2.26 kg more and after three months people who stopped smoking had the weight that was by 2.9 kg more than they should normally have. During the year their weight continued to grow but more slowly.</p> <p>Researchers are sure that the way of getting rid of harmful habit doesn't influence weight gain. All have put on weight: and those who quit smoking only thanks to will power and those who have used nicotine patch or chewing gum.</p> <p>Scientists warn that refusing nicotine may have unpredictable consequences: some people just for one year have gained in weight by 10 kg and even more. To return their normal weight were able only 16 % out of 1200 people.</p> <p>Researchers mark that namely this problem prevents many women from refusing vicious habit. Ladies have confessed that if they gain in weight more than 2.3 kg, they will start smoking again, as their appearance is more important for them than their health.</p> <p>Team of scientists under supervision of Anri-Jan Oben insists on examination of human body peculiarities that influence weight growth when refusing <b>cigarettes</b>. Scientific work of specialists was published in BMJ magazine.</p> <p><b>Fact:</b></p> <p>Smokers, as a rule, are slimmer than non-smokers. According to scientists' opinion, nicotine reduces appetite. That is why, deciding to get rid of this dependence, most of former smokers gain in weight sweepingly. However, researchers from USA consider that it can be coped quite easily - on psychological level. They are sure that extra weight can be just "thought better".</p>