<p><b>Great Britain. JTI has launched advertisement against plain cigarette packs</b></p> <p>Tobacco manufacturer JTI has launched advertisement campaign directed against initiative of Great Britain Ministry of Health about plain cigarette packs. First print of this campaign was published on The Drum portal.</p> <p>On this print was shown backed unfolded cigarette pack. It is written on it: "Evidence that plain packs will lead to reducing of smoking... will fit inside cigarette pack". This image may be seen on the homepage of Company web-site.</p> <p>Advertisement puts in question assumption of Ministry of Health that unification of cigarette packs will make people smoke less.</p> <p>Campaign started in mass-media at the beginning of July and was timed to consultative process for plain cigarette packs that was organized by Ministry of Health. This process should end in the middle of July. For this campaign 2 millions pounds sterling were allocated.</p> <p>Managing Director of Great Britain JTI office Martin Southgate in press comment for The Drum has noticed that Ministry of Health has called for discussions of draft law that is why it is important for their Company to express opinion about this question. Southgate has paid attention that refusal of branding on cigarette packs will facilitate significantly possibility of illegal trade with counterfeit products. That is why, according to his opinion, the law under discussion will not be able to benefit smokers in any way. Southgate hopes, that Ministry of Health will refuse their initiative.</p> <p>At present moment branding of cigarette packs is prohibited only in Australia. This law was adopted in December 2011 but will come into force only in December 2012.</p>