<p><b>Lords have prohibited their population smoking in cars if there is a child inside</b></p> <p>House of Lords in Great Britain has adopted scandalous draft law.</p> <p>House of Lords in Great Britain parliament has passed bill about prohibition of smoking in vehicle if there is baby inside.</p> <p>Activists that have initiated consideration of this draft law in parliament inform that they don't have confirmation from government yet. Scandalous bill of Lord Ribeiro discussed within the walls of parliament for more than a year was finally passed and now for smoking in the car with a child inside each Briton will have to pay fine in amount of 60 pounds sterling.</p> <p>To come into force this law has to be signed by prime-minister. Experts doubt that David Cameron will sign it as opponents of this bill have quite strong position and it is based on the fact that such ban threatens personal liberty.</p> <p>Most likely such opinion has its own protectors in Lower chamber.</p>