<p><b>In Argentina for smoking at the wheel you can go to jail</b></p> <p>In one of the largest cities of Argentina smoking at the car wheel was practically equaled to drunkenness. Particularly, in Cordoba city were introduced high penalties for cigarette that policemen has noticed in driver's hand. Moreover, for smoking you can go to jail.</p> <p>With initiative of prohibiting smoking during car driving appealed authorities of the city that takes second place in Argentina according to population after the capital Buenos Aires.</p> <p>For breaking this rule drivers will have to pay penalty in amount of 500 peso (approximately 111 USD). It is informed that punishment may come to arrest - is provided custodial restraint for 15-90 days.</p> <p>Repeated ban breaking threatens with double penalty increase and also possibility to have the driving license suspended for two years. Such terms were provided for driving while drunk. So, cigarette in this country was actually equaled to cigarette, at least for driver.</p> <p>Authors of this ban are sure that driver with cigarette is not less dangerous than drunk driver. As confirmation statistic data are given; according to them lighting up a cigarette takes approximately 3 seconds. During this time the car goes in average 70 meters while driver is not attentive at road. Even more dangerous may represent ashes that have occasionally fallen on cloths and all the more, fallen cigarette. In this case driver can stop driving the car and start looking for lighted up cigarette under his feet.</p>