<p><b>In Switzerland smoking can be prohibited almost everywhere</b></p> <p>New strict measures against passive smoking can be taken in Switzerland - initiators of these innovations intend to toughen anti-tobacco legislation by prohibiting smoking almost everywhere, Swiss mass-media inform.</p> <p>Today in Switzerland acts federal law about smoking ban in public places that doesn't allow smoking in closed public premises, including bars, restaurants, cinema, schools, commercial centers and sport complexes and also in rooms where are equipped working places for several persons. In some cantons are in force stricter restrictive measures.</p> <p>Opponents of smoking want to take a step further. According to text of draft law that was put to referendum that will take place on September 23rd, smoking on whole territory of the country should be prohibited in business premises, places of public catering, hotels, coffee shops and bars, shops and trade centers, social institutions, hospitals and medical centers, children's institutions, senior centers, investigative institutions, educational institutions, places of culture, sport and entertainment buildings, on public transport. Besides, it will be prohibited to inhale <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoke even on open air, if there are sick people, children and elderly persons.</p> <p>It is interesting that is person works in his room alone, he can smoke. However, if it is about boss to whom come visitors or subordinates than he cannot smoke. Law breakers in case of recurrence will have to pay 20 thousand USD.</p> <p>Government and Parliament of Switzerland recommend voting against these measures leaving these questions at the discretion of canton authorities.</p>