<p><b>Restrictions on smoking in Great Britain have led to losses of 3 billion pounds a year by budget</b></p> <p>Restrictions introduced for the last decades on tobacco market of Great Britain haven't caused considerable reduction of smokers. And country budget began loosing more than 3 billion pounds a year because of illegal products; consider Great Britain experts who have analyzed situation on tobacco market of the country.</p> <p>"Every day, Great Britain budget because of illegal sale of tobacco products loses 8 million pound, during a year losses make more than 3 billion pounds", - Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Company head of communications Jeremy Blackburn in Great Britain declared.</p> <p>According to opinion of to experts, illegal market expansion became consequence of some restrictive measures that during the last decades were taken in the country in regards to this branch.</p> <p>As JTI head of corporative questions department in Great Britain Paul Williams informed, the highest part of legal products on Britain tobacco market - up to 80 % - fell within 1990's. Then followed increase of excise taxes and various restrictions and percentage of legally manufactured products began to reduce year by year. And if from 1996 to 2000 excise tax has increased more than by 16 %, part of illegal <b>cigarettes</b> on the market has increased more than twice for the same period - from 14 % to 34 %. The sharp decrease of excise taxes growth rate that followed hasn't caused significant change of the situation - "illegals" hold a firm place on the market and don't intend to give it up.</p> <p>According to William's words in 2011 legal <b>cigarettes</b> market of Great Britain made 60 billions units, illegal - 22 billions. This year, he predicts that counterfeit products will reinforce positions and can lead its share to 24 billion units, legal - will reduce manufacturing up to 58 billion units.</p> <p>"During the nearest three years legal manufacturing of tobacco products in the country will reduce by 3 % a year" - he has declared.</p> <p>At present moment price on <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in Great Britain is one of the highest among European countries. If here pack of premium <b>cigarettes</b> costs 7.5 pounds, in Belgium - 4.2, Germany - 4.29, Finland - 4.82, Spain - 3.53.</p> <p>At present moment many countries of the work introduce ban and restrictions on smoking.</p>