<p><b>Americans will not smoke cigarettes with frightening pictures on packs</b></p> <p>Washington Court of Appeal has taken decision that USA authorities don't have right to demand from tobacco Companies placing on cigarette packs pictures that clearly demonstrate smoking harm.</p> <p>Judge Janice Roger Brown is sure that USA government exceeds authority influencing in such a way smokers. She has underlined that there are no guarantees that pictures of tumors, stumps and other problems caused by nicotine consumption will help reducing number of American smokers.</p> <p>"These unscrupulous attempts to wake up emotions, and possibly, shame and frighten off <b>cigarettes</b> consumers from smoking", - Judge Janice Roger Brown declared.</p> <p>Result of court session became decision that authorities of USA exceed their authority, trying to make smokers refuse their vicious habit.</p> <p>Let's remind that USA government in the nearest future planned to introduce law that requires from tobacco companies obligatory placing on packs of their products "frightening" pictures - consequences of nicotine consumption. However, tobacco manufacturers have filed counterclaim, arguing that such a law infringes freedom of speech.</p> <p>However, in entire world authorities continue restricting tobacco lobby. For example, in Australia in December comes into force law about <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> sale in identical packs without indicating brand of manufacturer but with frightening pictures of smoking consequences.</p> <p>Such restrictions intend to introduce authorities of Canada, Norway, Great Britain, India and New Zealand.</p>