<p><b>Nicotine dependence has hereditary nature</b></p> <p>Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Neuro have found out that thirst to nicotine is connected with work of genes, informs The Toronto Sun. If nicotine enters person's body from <b>cigarettes</b> fast ("fast nicotine metabolism"), his brain more actively reacts to thirst to nicotine. This property is transmitted from parents. According to scientists, this discovery can lead to creation of fundamentally new programs of tobacco refusal that are based on genetic code of the person. Come out personalized approach as nicotine metabolizes for different people differently in dependence of enzymes work in the liver.</p> <p>Experts have specially examined results scans of peoples' brain, who have smoked 5-25 <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day during minimum two years. In such a way, people with fast metabolism have reacted more vigorously on pictures associated with <b>cigarettes</b> (appeared keen desire for smoking).</p> <p>During slow metabolism in person's body was supported relatively constant concentration of nicotine during the day. That is why people with this kind of metabolism have rarer reacted on pictures associated with <b>cigarettes</b>. Maybe, they smoke not because of the thirst to tobacco but for other reasons. For example, stress.</p>