<p><b>Scientists: Passive smoking worsens memory</b></p> <p>People underestimate danger of passive smoking, specialists ascertain. For example, they have determined recently that passive smoking influence negatively long-term memory of the person.</p> <p>Northumbria University employees explain: long-term memory is responsible for memorizing actions that were planned for certain time. Its' worsening they have observed during experiment, Meddaily informs.</p> <p>In the research took part 27 smokers, 27 passive smokers and 29 persons who are not exposed to regular influence of tobacco smoke (all of them were from 18 to 30 years old).</p> <p>Passive smokers in average have contacted with smoke 25 hours a week during 4.5 years. State of all participants was estimated with the help of Cambridge test of long-term memory. Age, IQ, medication intake were taken into account as well.</p> <p>The highest results of long-term memory were noticed in third group that hasn't contacted with smoke at all. But active and passive smokers they were reduced by 30 % and 20 % correspondingly. Scientists underline: contact with tobacco smoke can negatively influence cognitive functions of the person that he needs in everyday life.</p>