<p><b>For 20 euro you may buy 10 packs of cigarettes in Estonia... or what will you be able to buy in Europe for 20 euro?</b></p> <p>In order to show difference in prices for the same goods in 17 countries if European Union, edition Business Insider has made investigation in which was made attempt to shop for 20 euro.</p> <p>As results, drinking coffee in Portugal appeared to be cheaper, than, for example, in Greece. Journalists assert that at Iberian Peninsula you can drink for this money 35 cups of coffee, while at Balkan - only seven. Also, in Portugal in the bar you may allow yourself much more beer than in Slovakia. Even when buying red wine Portugal has no equal, it is ahead of Italy in availability minimum fourfold, summarizes research results Euromag portal.</p> <p>If you go for beer to a supermarket, you better do it in Slovakia where you can buy 20 liters for 20 euro. Just to compare, in Italy for the same amount you will be able to but not more than 6 liters.</p> <p>For Camembert cheese lovers is more advantageous to visit Belgium shops than Slovenian where prices are twice higher (3 kilograms against 1.6).</p> <p>Olive oil is much cheaper in Spain than in Slovenia. If you wish to spent 20 euro for this product maximally reasonable you should better prefer 7 liters of Spain pressing to 2 liters of competitor.</p> <p>Most cheaper tea is on Malta, where for 20 euro you may buy 704 packets what is more profitable than in Austria (242 packets).</p> <p>On Malta was noted the lowest price for printed sources - 30 newspapers against, for example, 11 newspapers on Cyprus. However, newspapers are the cheapest in Great Britain that doesn't enter euro zone.</p> <p>In public transport the most advantageous remains Slovakia where you can buy for 20 euro, 7-8 tickets. In Ireland this amount will be enough only for 2 trips.</p> <p>More comfortable for smokers is Estonia. For 20 euro you can easily buy 10 packs of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, while in Ireland - not more than 2 or 3.</p> <p>Ireland appeared to be most expensive country in euro zone: there, for example, for 20 euro you may buy just 7 packs of eggs, while on Malta - 16.</p> <p>If you decided to go shopping on taxi, the leader here is Portugal as well. For 20 euro taxi drivers will gladly drive you in any place within 23 kilometers, while in other countries-competitors you will have to count on 7.2 kilometers. However, the cheapest taxi is in Bulgaria that doesn't enter euro zone: for 20 euro you can travel almost 70 kilometers.</p>