<p><b>In Israel were introduced harsh laws against smoking</p></b> <p>In Israel was passed legislative package for smoking control. Now, cigarette smoked in public place can hit your pocket. But together with prohibitions smokers are also offered solution - new way to quit smoking and very easy.</p> <p>According to the new Israeli law one cigarette smoked in public place, for example, closer than 10 meters from entrance to hospital will cost 250 USD. If you will smoke in coffee shop, it will be also penalized in amount of 1500 USD for encouraging vicious habits. But in Israel understand that only with draconian measures smokers cannot be defeated.</p> <p>As always, science came to rescue. To help quitting smoking experimental helmet that was designed in Ben-Gurion University.</p> <p>Abraham Zangen method developer:</p> <p>- We ray certain part of the brain with magnetic radiation. Capacity is adjusted considering condition of patient - how strong is his dependence.</p> <p>The real brainwash lasts 15 minutes, discharge every 20 seconds. Test person doesn't feel anything, he just hears tapping specific to such radiant. After ray treatment light headache may appear that passes in half an hour. That is all. Several sessions and you are done with vicious habit.</p> <p>Dvora Freedman, participant of experiment:</p> <p>- Sensations are strange. It's like I haven't smoked for 30 years already, there is no agonizing thirst for beginning each morning with cigarette. I have forgotten that I have smoked for so many years.</p> <p>Magnetic field suppresses generation of dopamine hormone. It is responsible for thirst for pleasures. Beginning with <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and drinks to weakness for picking nails or take drugs. Test results impress: out of 60 participants, all of them are heavy smokers, half of them have quitted at all, and others instead of 2 packs smoke 2-3 <b>cigarettes</b> a day. At the same time was found out: that is this method alcoholism, drug addiction and even sleep disorders and depressions can be treated.</p> <p>Avigdor Loyter, professor, chief of psychiatric department:</p> <p>- It can lead to breakthrough in psychiatry that is still treating psychiatric illness with the help of psychotropic medications. This method should be checked and improved, but if everything will be ok, approximately in 15 years we will be able to manage without pills.</p> <p>To quit smoking is a real trial for human will. Nobody wants to strain himself. It is a beauty of new method: have seated three times per 15 minutes in the helmet and that's all. You even don't remember that you have ever smoked.</p>