<p><b>Passive smoking is more dangerous than it was considered</b></p> <p>It is enough to spend just 20 minutes in society of smoker to get harm of passive smoking, experts from Athens University, Greece cancer society and Harvard Health School say.</p> <p>This effect scientists have watched on example of 15 healthy volunteers. Participants of experiment were asked to seat in the room that imitated bar or smoker's car during 20 minutes. During this time was made estimation of breath condition, The Huffington Post informs.</p> <p>For such a short time began to appear signs that volunteers began to breath harder and harder. This conclusions head of research group, Dr. Panagiotis Behrakis presented on annual meeting of American college of pulmonologists. It worth to say that investigation on the same theme was published back in 2007 in American Journal of Public Health. That time specialists have shown that concentration of carcinogen from cigarette smoke increases in the bar with speed 6 % per hour.</p>