<p><b>Friends ask Kristen Stewart to quit smoking. She resists</b></p> <p>In USA paparazzi have caught actress Kristen Stewart on balcony of hotel room where she took rest with friends but led bad way to all fans - she smoked one cigarette after another.</p> <p>At the same time, earlier this year Kristen told that she has quitted this vicious habit, but she began smoking again after scandal with Robert Pattinson.</p> <p>Now, when Kristen and Robert are together again, friends of the couple insist that Kristen should quit smoking again. However, Kristen doesn't hurry to do this as of yet. Robert is, actually, also smoking and they have even tried once to quit smoking at the same time - they have even tried electronic <b>cigarettes</b>. But Kristen told that she hasn't liked them and she cannot do anything with it as of yet.</p> <p>According to the words of Kristen Stewart she took to smoking process on movie set - it is a usual thing to make cigarette breaks between the scenes.</p>