<p><b>License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 1</b></p> <br><b>If you smoke, imagine that you will have to file application for special license for purchasing tobacco and pay for it</b></br> <p>Maybe, you will have to pass a test that allows determining if you realize danger of smoking.</p> <p>License will look like electronic card that will restrict number of <b>cigarettes</b> bought by you - possibly up to 50 a day or less.</p> <p>Such measure could seem to be extreme and even could border with social engineering. But namely in this consist new offers of Australian expert in health area, Professor Simone Chapman from Sydney University. He supposes that such licenses can become the only way to restrict smoking.</p> <p>Professor Chapman in his article, published in Plos Medicine magazine, writes, that introduction of licenses on tobacco can interest "developed countries that are actively trying to restrict tobacco use".</p> <p>Professor Chapman considers that sale of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> is not controlled enough.</p> <p>"Access to medicines that safe or make easier people's lives is controlled with the help of special licenses. However, there is no such control after tobacco products", - Professor Chapman writes in the introduction to the article.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes</b> on prescription</p> <p>Professor Chapman offers to introduce licenses in the form of electronic cards. Smokers will have to file application on licenses and no shop will be able to sell tobacco without license.</p>