<p><b>License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 2</b></p> <p>"Punishment for selling <b>cigarettes</b> to smokers without license will be very severe, - he explains. Such shop can lose license and be closed. In such a way are penalized pharmacies that sell licensed medicines without prescription".</p> <p>Chapman offers to make smokers not exceed daily limit of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> allowed by license. Smokers will have to accept inconvenience of periodical filing application for license and also paying for it. According to expert's opinion this measure is concrete step that will help restricting tobacco consumption.</p> <p>He also offers to encourage financially those who decided to quit smoking.</p> <p>If smoker refuses his vicious habit he received back 100 % of total amount of expenses on licenses he got earlier, Chapman offers.</p> <p>"Refusal to by licenses for purchasing tobacco will be final and person will not be able to resume license" - expert offers.</p> <p>Stroke in consumers' pocket</p> <p>Professor Chapman is recognized expert in public health area. However, his new offers have caused criticism even before it was published.</p> <p>In the same edition of Plos Medicine magazine in which was published Chapman's article, Professor Jeff Colleen of global politics in public health area from Edinburgh University has adduced arguments against introduction of license for smoking. According to his opinion this measure will affect consumers, not industry.</p> <p>He writes that such license will be "a present for industry of tobacco products". According to their words, smoking ban in public places was interpreted more like "liberal measure and not authoritarian attempt to restrict someone's freedom". Introduction of license will be interpreted by tobacco industry as "fascism in public health area".</p>