<p><b>License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 3</b></p> <p>"To make people pass a test before giving them license is offense not only of smokers but of all adult people that have right for free informative choice, to smoke or nor to smoke and how many <b>cigarettes</b> a day to smoke", - representative of tobacco Company British American tobacco has declared in the interview to BBC.</p> <p>"It will become a nightmare for police and it will be very expensive to look after realization of this rule. Such a system criminalizes smokers and they will have to infringe the law and buy tobacco products illegally if they want to exceed number of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> fixed in the license", - he added.</p> <p>However Professor Chapman has rejected these arguments. "They suppose that many smokers will like to infringe the law", - he writes in his article.</p> <p>"It will be easy to get license and it is unlikely that many smokers will like to buy tobacco products illegally from criminals", - he added.</p> <p>Poor people will have to suffer?</p> <p>Professor Colleen considers that from introduction of such licenses will suffer more the most disadvantaged social groups.</p> <p>"Other measures to restrict smoking, mainly with the help of high taxes have already affected poor people. In the idea of introducing licenses itself is contained blame of poor people habits", - he writes.</p> <p>Professor Chapman insists that additional expenses on licenses and measures that encourage smokers to quit smoking, on the contrary will help poor people.</p> <p>He writes in the article that introduction of licenses on smoking will become one more reminding for present and potential smokers that tobacco is not "a simple product".</p> <p>"Tobacco articles will be interpreted like product that requires special regulation. And this will make smokers to think over why authorities take such exclusive measures", - is told in the article.</p> <p>License introduction will undermine opinion that smoking is one of many threats in "life jungles", Chapman considers.</p> <p>Health Department of Australia has informed that it doesn't plan to introduce license for purchasing tobacco products.</p>