<p><b>In Israel actors have prohibited smoking on the stage even the play requires this</b></p> <p>Supreme Court of Israel has cancelled decision of inferior court that actors can smoke on the stage during the performance if play requires this.</p> <p>Earlier Haifa Court, considering complaint in connection with Civic Theater plays has determined that if the play requires actors can smoke one cigar on the stage. However supporters of strict smoking ban have filed appeal and won it.</p> <p>Supreme Court has decided that introduced ban for smoking in public places applies on theaters as well.</p> <p>Commenting decision, Haifa Civic Theater has informed that from now when it will not perform plays in which characters smoke.</p> <p>Claimants have proudly declared that such decision is taken for the first time in world practice and have underlined that this day is a Holiday for everyone who cares of their health.</p>