<p><b>In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 1</b></p> <p>The whole world found out about tobacco after Columbus discovered America. And from that time humanity is trying to get rid of this vicious habit. But they don't manage to conquer it till today.</p> <p>Own tobacco is beyond competition</p> <p>There were times when nobody smoked in China. Nobody knew about tobacco here and nobody raised it. People have planted tea bushes, gathered young green leafs from them, dried them, infused, drank heavenly delight tea beverage. On antique China pictures, silk scrolls or porcelain items you will not find characters that would smoke tobacco. But tobacco appeared in China sideway. However, Chinese started to smoke not so long ago: only 400-500 years ago. But that time this pleasure was under embargo and was punished with death penalty. In 1638 during Qin dynasty emperor has issued an edict: "Rout for tobacco consumption and selling". It is interesting that approximately the same time in Russia tsar Alexei Mikhailovich issues similar edict: "Everyone who will have tobacco during inspection will be tortured till he says the name of person who gave it to him".</p> <p>Today tobacco consumption, alas, have taken roots deeply in China. As everywhere smocking here became everyday ritual. China is world leader in tobacco industry. Here are also the biggest tobacco plantations in the world. Far away from China is known tobacco leaf from South provinces Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong. Approximately 33 % of world tobacco market belongs to China state Company China National Tobacco Corporation. It is monopolist in China. But tobacco is here manufactures, mainly, not for export but for internal consumption. As in China are 350 million of smokers.</p>