<p><b>In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 2</b></p> <p>Owing to huge number of smokers China market always was attractive for world tobacco giants. However, not more than 5 % from entire market volume in China belongs to foreign brands. To get to Chinese market is not quite easy for foreign. First of all, and it is important, state is reasonable limiting import of tobacco products and doesn't admit building of foreign plants on their territory. Secondly, it is difficult for foreigners to compete with local manufacturer. It is not only because Chinese <b>cigarettes</b> are cheaper, their quality is on quite high level at expense of their own good raw materials.</p> <p>However, for the last years relaxation of restrictions for foreign tobacco capital have been made. Some famous brands were allowed to slightly join to Chinese tobacco "pie" division. But providing that they, in their turn, take liability to launch on some foreign market Chinese cigarette brand under the principle "ka me ka thee". <p>Heaven for smokers</p> <p>Chinese <b>cigarettes</b> are considered one of the cheapest in the world. Price affordability is the main reason that decelerates antismoking campaign. However, price dispersion is wide. In cheap segment cigarette pack can be purchased for 1.14 USD. But there are also <b>cigarettes</b> that cost 860 USD for one pack and more - for example premium-class Chinese <b>cigarettes</b> "Panda". It is said that great Chinese informer and heavy smoker Dan Zhaopin preferred them.</p> <p>It is known affirmation that became classical: one drop of nicotine kills a horse. Average Chinese smoker smokes approximately 20 <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day.</p> <p>But it wouldn't be right to say that in China don't control smoking. Smoking visitors that come to China for business or leisure have to face difficulties from first steps of their arrival to China. It is prohibited to smoke right after getting off the airplane as it was 15-20 years ago. Everywhere are prohibiting signs. And only in specially allotted areas in waiting rooms smokers are allowed to smoke.</p>