<p><b>In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 4</b></p> <p>As of yet China remains s heaven for smokers. Here are manufactured more than 500 brands of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. In this regard country is also interesting for collectors of cigarette packs, pipes, various smoking attributes and accessories. You may find here quire rare exemplars for supplementing collections.</p> <p>Tourists are advised to visit without fail old Beijing tobacco row Yandaixie. On this side street 300 meters long have intertwined history and modernity. Apart from many tobacco and cigarettes' sorts here you will see items of masters from entire China - rare and modern exemplars of smoking pipes made of fine woods, hookahs, mouthpieces made of semiprecious and precious materials, snuffboxes of fanciful forms, sophisticated ashtrays made of porcelain, stone, metal... You name it, they have got it! And local sellers will also tell you about peculiarities of cultivation of various tobacco sorts from different China districts and will offer you to buy something as a memento.</p> <p>101 Chinese methods to quit smoking</p> <p>Nevertheless, struggle with addiction in China accelerates, and not only from above. "China association of tobacco control consumption" complains of shortage of state legislative norms in order to restrict or prohibit smoking. But those, who really care of their health, are not waiting for instructions from above. They show initiative, arrange movements for healthy life and smoking control. Recently students from Chunzin University have declared territory of their institution zone free of tobacco. They all wear tee-shirts with three hieroglyphs that mean "No smoking!" and attentively keep a watchful eye on their classmates so that they wouldn't be carried away by temptation to smoke. In china it is named "collective blame". In full play of anti-tobacco campaign students have burned model of symbolic cigarette on the square just in front of educational buildings.</p>