<p><b>In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 5</b></p> <p>The better smoking alternative, as in China is reasonable considered, is healthy life. Usual situation each morning - in city parks, squares, in the yards, on the grounds in front of house people of various ages make health-improving gymnastics Chi Kung. Nobody doesn't gather and call specially for anyone. By the way, in many yards of residential tower-blocks are installed gymnastic apparatus and fitness equipment. They are anti-vandal and free of charge. Number of such public sports grounds in China has already risen beyond million. They are initially included in building projects and introducing into service block of houses. There are also modern super-equipped fitness centers, number of which has already exceeded 250 thousands. But they are mainly for those who have money for this.</p> <p>For those who want to quit smoking works a whole industry in China. As it is profitable business. A lot of saloons and private healers offer to get rid of vicious habit with methods of traditional Chinese medicine - first of all, with the help of acupuncture. Also are used herbal extracts, various powders and potions, special respiratory exercises. And when these don't help hi-tech products start to be used. Most likely, many people have heard about electronic cigarette. It was invented, by the way, by Chinese Hon Lik almost 10 years ago. As inventor states, electronic cigarette imitates entire ritual of smoking process but without harm for health. Is it so or not is still discussed by experts. In the meanwhile electronic cigarette is prohibited yet for sale in many countries of the world.</p> <p>In the meanwhile</p> <p>The world becomes more and more comfortless for smokers. The reason is growing anti-tobacco attitudes of people in many countries of the world. On world map we can already mark the first no-smoking country - Bhutan. It is a small kingdom in Himalayas, in the neighborhood of China has completely prohibited tobacco smoking. As compared to Bhutan, in big China it will be hardly possible to solve the problem with ban.</p> <p>As the saying is, weight categories are different. Experts consider that real progress in this problem in China will take place not earlier than in 30-40 years when new generation of Chinese people grows with other life values and new criteria of estimating successful, safe and, of course, healthy person.</p>