<p><b>Cigarettes under Lamborghini brand may become last novelty in Russia</b></p> <p>Manufacturer of <b>Esse cigarettes</b>, Korean KT&G plans to introduce on Russian market Tonino Lamboghini brand created together with the son of Italian automobile Company founder. Launch is scheduled on first quarter 2013. These <b>cigarettes</b> may become the last novelty in Russia: after advertisement ban and open display in the shops for manufacturers of tobacco products will be quite difficult to show new products.</p> <p>About the fact that Russia will become one of the first export markets for Tonino Lamborghini <b>cigarettes</b> told global brand-manager KT&G Choi Jihyun on International Branch Exhibition at the end of last year. In autumn were started sales in Hong Kong and also in Chinese and Singapore duty-free shops. For firat quarter of current year is planned launch of this brand in Taiwan, Russia and UAE, for April - in Japan. <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>Cigarettes</b></a> are positioned in premium segment. Retail price in Korea is 2.37 USD while average price of cigarette pack is 2 USD.</p> <p>New cigarette brand became result of collaboration of Korean tobacconists with Italian manufacturer of high-priced accessories Tonino Lamborghini - Company founded by the son of famous car manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini. Among products under Tonino Lamborghini brand are key rings, baseball caps, pens, watches, and cigarette and cigar cases.</p> <p>As of yet it is not known whether this brand will be produced in Russia, on the plant of Korean Company KT&G that was opened in October 2010 or imported to Russia. Most likely this new brand will be imported because launch of new premium brand requires investments in new equipment.</p> <p>Launch of Tonino Lamborghini <b>cigarettes</b> may become the last launch of new tobacco brand on Russian market. "In 2013 Russian government plans to toughen branch regulation considerably reducing practically to zero marketing opportunities of manufacturers and distributors, - reminds expert. - In terms of possible total tobacco advertising ban, prohibition of open display of <b>cigarettes</b> in retail outlets launching new brands on the market will be quite a difficult mission". But as of yet anti-tobacco draft laws haven't acquired force of laws, Companies still have some time to launch on the market new brands and introduce them to consumers.</p> <p>Expert reminds as well about introduction of "frightening images" from May 2013 on cigarette packs.</p>