<p><b>Smoking etiquette</b></p> <p>You cannot smoke in the following circumstances:</p> <p>- there where hang announcements that prohibit smoking;</p> <p>- there where there is no announcement but it is well known without this that it is prohibited to smoke: theater, cinema, petrol station, hospital ward, examination room;</p> <p>- entering into private apartment, institution, store, public transport;</p> <p>- in the room with sick person inside;</p> <p>- while dancing;</p> <p>- at dinner between soup and second meal;</p> <p>- during grand meeting;</p> <p>- for woman on the street.</p> <p>Man in company with woman may light up <b>cigarettes</b> when going out cinema, theater, during long walking.</p> <p>Being in someone's house, if owner hasn't offered <b>cigarettes</b>, before lighting up a cigarette, you should ask permission. Each smoker should have <b>cigarettes</b> with him.</p> <p>Woman doesn't give light to man. No match, no lighter should be taken from hands of person who wants to give light to you. The person that lights up match or lighter first - gives the light.</p> <p>If woman that wants to light up cigarette takes her own matches, man is trying to pass ahead and offer her light of his lighter or match, without snatching out box of her hands.</p> <p>Man stands up if someone offers him <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> or matches in the standing position. Also he stands up if he wants to offer cigarette or gives light to someone who stands.</p> <p>You can stay if partner to which man wants to give match or cigarette is seating nearby. You don't have to offer burning match or lighter in front of third party nose, in this case you should stand up and walk round seating person.</p> <p>Giving the light, take your own cigarette out of your mouth and put it in the ashtray or hold it in your hand. To give own cigarette for lighting up to partner is acceptable only among "people who suffered wreck on raft" as it is said in French manual about good form.</p> <p>Ashes should be shaken off only in the ashtray! Not in the saucer, flowerpots, behind heating radiator, not in decorative vases. If there is no ashtray nearby, you may ask to bring it. You don't need to leave burning cigarette on furniture. You mustn't greet or speak with cigarette in the mouth. You cannot even by accident smoke in the face of seating or staying nearby people.</p> <p>Following this rules you will be able to make good impression.</p>