<p><b>How to smoke cigars</b></p> <p>"Cigar requires very careful attitude. Cigar smoking is a real ritual", - experts say. As the matter of fact, everything is considerably easier. There are several simple rules, following which you will get maximum delight from cigarette.</p> <p><b>How to cut cigar</b></p> <p>To start smoking, first of all you should cut packed cigar end. In the past it was bitted off, cut with a knife or pricked with an awl or any sharp object. All three methods are ideal only in case you want to spoil cigar: it will draw badly or burn unevenly, leave pieces of tobacco on the lips, cigar outer envelope may even unroll. To get rid of the hat, without damaging cigar, smoker will need special device - cutter.</p> <p>There are several types of cutters, the most widespread from which is guillotine. There are guillotines with one or two blades - the last are better. Another popular cutter type is cigar scissors. Using these devices, cigar must be cut indenting about three millimeters from the end so that from the hat on cigar would remain only thin ring - it will not allow covering cigar leaf to unroll at any circumstances.</p> <p>Considerably two other cutter types make easier smoker's life. Punch doesn't cut cigar end entirely but only cut a hole in it several millimeters deep. However, it is suitable only for straight cigars and nothing can be done with sharp torpedo or pyramid end. V-form cutter cuts in cigar end hollow in form of corresponding letter of Latin alphabet.</p> <p>Regardless of which cutter type you preferred, top-priority attention should be paid on blade quality. It should be very sharp and, possibly, remain such as long as possible. Dull blades as well as human teeth or knife don't cut cigar end but tear it, breaking structure of gentle cigar leaf.</p>