<p><b>How to light up a cigar</b></p> <p>First and important rule: in no case cigar can be lighted up of benzene lighter! Tobacco is very sensitive to odors and absorbs benzene "flavor" immediately. It is undesirable to use for lighting up cardboard matches, paper or candles as their smoke also has strong odor.</p> <p>Cigar can be lighted up of gas lighters, wood matches or cedar sliver. It is most convenient to use special turbo-lighter. Gas in such lighter is given by focused flow under pressure. Flame of turbo-lighter is hot and allows lighting up cigar maximally accurately.</p> <p>Second rule - not to hurry! While lighting up cigar it should be inflamed carefully, as evenly as possible. To obtain the best result, professionals advise to follow simple sequence:</p> <p>- bring cigar end to the flame under 90 degree angle and turn it round its axis till it begins smoldering evenly 360 degree;</p> <p>- squeeze cigar with lips and bringing the flame to one centimeter distance from the end, start drawing it, continuing to turn it;</p> <p>- in the end you should slightly blow on lighted end to make sure that cigar is burning evenly.</p> <p><b>Smoking</b></p> <p>Cigar is not cigarette, it cannot be inhaled! The matter is not that strong smoke can burn throat and lungs. You should understand that nicotine is not the most important thing in cigar. Inhale smoke in such a way that smoke would fill the mouth and take pleasure of its taste! Take pleasure of aroma that will gradually wrap entire space round you.</p> <p>There are no strict smoking rules - do it, as you like it to do as cigar was created for pleasure. And for the same reason - relax and don't hurry in any case! If you understand that you don't have enough time for cigar, or conditions round you are unsuitable - it is better not to start smoking at all!</p> <p>After smoking don't extinguish cigar. Just leave cigar in ashtray and let it go out itself. A lot of discussions arouses question: whether to light up suddenly extinguished cigar again? Don't look for answer, light it up again and continue getting pleasure! The main thing is not to let cigar cool down otherwise it will be irretrievably spoiled.</p>