<p><b>With what can be cigar smoked</b></p> <p>Cigars best of all combine with strong alcoholic beverages. Classic is considered combination with cognac. However, not worse at all for cigar suit Armagnac and brandy. From Islands of Caribbean Basin originates rum - one more wonderful beverage that perfectly suits as cigar companion. A lot of interesting decisions can be found by experimenting with cigars and whiskey.</p> <p>The main principle is simple - cigars' and beverages' flavors should combine, complementing each other, in no case conflicting with each other. Besides, they should belong to the same weight category - otherwise one taste will just kill another. For light cigars will better suit less saturated beverages, for stronger there is sense to choose older, aged alcohol.</p> <p>In spite of delusion cigars can be combined with champagne and martini, and with fortified wines. But for those who don't drink at all, always a cup of good coffee can be found. It's no coincidence that namely this beverage as well as cognac is included in classic triplet "three C": coffee, cognac, cigars.</p>