<p><b>In USA allowed smoking and growing marijuana</b></p> <p>Recently in American states Washington and Colorado was allowed marijuana smoking. In the country this law was estimated as end of era of drugs prohibition as in 1930th was revoked ban on free alcohol sale. Now, 21 years old and elder Americans can smoke marijuana. The only restriction concerns the volume of drugs stored at home - not more than one ounce (28.35 gram). Law of Colorado state has allowed not only to buy marijuana but also to grow it at home, however, again the weight of dried leafs shouldn't exceed the same one ounce.</p> <p>"The goal of our campaign is to transform marijuana into usual product that can be present on country market. We hope that similar legislation that legalizes marijuana will be adopted in all other states as well", - Jeme Shively, has declared the head of trade Company that specializes on marijuana sale. Marijuana legalization is planned in three more states: Illinois, New York and Ohio. Law of Illinois state will allow adult people buying on prescription marijuana in volume not more than 2.5 ounces once in two weeks.</p> <p>Marijuana legalization on state levels contradicts federal legislation that equals it to drugs and categorically prohibits marijuana sale, storage and smoking. According to data of law enforcement agencies during the last year were institutes criminal proceedings for approximately half million of marijuana Sellers and consumers. Most of them have got off with only a fine or prison term of not more than one month.</p>