<p><b>Cigarette smoke can protect smokers from an allergy</b></p> <p>The cigarette smoke is capable to prevent an allergy, reducing reaction of immune cells to allergens. To such unexpected discovery researchers from University of Utrecht/ Netherlands have come. They have found out that effect of a cigarette smoke on mast cells allows releasing inflammatory proteins in the answer of an organism to allergens, without affecting other immune functions.</p> <p>Mast cages have been received from laboratory mice, but the revealed effect should have equivalent action at people, scientists speak. Experts do not suggest treating an allergy by means of smoking, but believe that research conclusions will be useful for detection of allergic processes at smokers.</p> <p>Smoking causes a cancer of lungs, diseases of respiratory tracts and has an effect on process of struggle of our cells with infections. However, physicians confirm that along with many unhealthy aftereffects - smoking possesses surprising benefit: cigarettes can protect smokers from some kinds of an allergy. According to the results of experiments, the cigarette smoke reduces allergic reactions, preventing the effect of mast cells - which are basic "players" in answer of immune system to the most widespread allergens.</p> <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="/img_news/allergy.png" border="0" alt="" /></div>