<p><b>Spanish experts urge to keep beautiful skin by quitting smoking</b></p> <p>People who have quitted smoking can notice positive effect on their skin even in one month after making this important step. Expert from aesthetic-medicine center "Felicidad Carrera" Letizia Carrera declares this. According to her opinion, stopping <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoking makes skin younger and more glowing and hydrated. Letizia Carrera who is also responsible for dermatological cosmetics department of medical aesthetics cathedra of King Juan Carlos Madrid University affirms that improving skin quality after person quits smoking is just amazing and very evident.</p> <p>Those smokers who don't refuse their addiction "get strong oxidant that generates free radicals and that leads to premature skin aging". These effects are not the same for skin of various people. So, for example, dry skin becomes dull, gray, thin, matt and flabby. Besides, wrinkles appear on it. Greasy or mixed skin becomes more impure as enlarged pores ball up with tar and tobacco smoke particles.</p> <p>In any case, according to Letizia Carrera opinion, for expert to be able to determine smoker by eye from the moment of starting smoking at least one year should pass. After this time, negative effects are noticeable note only on skin; they also influence hair and nail condition.</p>