<p><b>Coffee and cigarettes help during Parkinson disease</b></p> <p>Although scientists haven't determined precisely what namely provokes Parkinsonism development. One thing can be told precisely: this disease develops rarer among smokers and coffee lovers.</p> <p>"Caffeine is anti-risk factor, it is confirmed on big epidemiological researches. But we cannot recommend drinking it for everyone. What concerns "advantages" of smoking, it has to do with certain component of tobacco smoke, certain mechanisms of influence on the brain", - state scientists.</p> <p>However, the true Parkinsonism should be treated with supporting therapy, informs Meddaily. Modern developments allow sustaining life of sick people maximally.</p> <p>However Parkinsonism is mainly age illness, it is also met among young people. Here important role has genetics and external risk factors. The most important thing for neurologist is to detect disease on early stage. Among symptoms can be depression and disturbed sleep.</p>