<p><b>Hookah is the same dangerous as cigarettes</b></p> <p>It was confirmed one more time by American scientists.</p> <p>Hookah cannot be named safe alternative to <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> - to such conclusion came scientists from Californian University in San Francisco after analyzing results of their researches. People mistakenly consider that hookah smoke doesn't contain harmful substances that usual tobacco has. Hookah use supposes tobacco filtering and refinement. After filtration in the smoke significantly reduces content of nicotine, phenol, solid particles, tar, acrolein, aldehyde and many other compounding. Namely because of this hookah smoking is not attended by mucous membrane irritation. However it doesn't get rid of them in whole. During the experiment scientists have measured composition of chemical substances in blood and urine of volunteers before and after smoking. It has revealed that hookah smoke contains detrimental to health mixture of toxins but smokers are exposed to influence of increased levels of carbon monoxide and benzene. In the blood of people who smoke hookah regularly is found increased level of cottonin. This substance is derivative of nicotine. However if nicotine is being removed from body during two hours, cottonin stays for 15-20 hours.</p> <p>So, hookah smoking is especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and may increase risk of leukemia.</p>