<p><b>Scientists have found out how effective electronic cigarettes are. Part 1</b></p> <p>Scientists have finally decided to check if electronic cigarettes can be used in nicotine dependence treatment.</p> <p>There are several methods of getting rid of nicotine dependence, but as statistics shows, all of them are not too effective: 75 % of smokers during a year after finishing course of medical treatment start smoking again. That is why search of new anti-nicotine remedies continue. Currently attention of researchers is directed to electronic cigarettes. Though they were invented relatively long ago their therapeutic effect, strangely enough, almost wasn't studied.</p> <p>Smoking is relaxing and stimulating; from one hand, nicotine induces brain cells to throw dopamine and other neurotransmitters that deal with pleasure center and from another hand it speeds up cardiac rhythm increasing body performance. However, effect doesn't last long, that is why first cigarette is followed by second, third and so on. In time in brain is increased number of nicotine receptors that begin requiring their potion of nicotine. To suppress permanent desire for smoking nicotine patches are used or nicotine chewing gum and also medicines that block nicotine receptors activity.</p> <p>But here appear difficulties. For example, some smokers have such variants of genes that encode forms of receptors that are especially medicine-resistant. I.e. one person can have predisposition to nicotine dependence only because of genetic reasons while another, with better "genetics" may quit smoking without any therapeutic tricks. Besides, the power of habit depends on sex. It was determined, for example, that therapy effectiveness grows more than twice if to nicotine patch will be added antidepressant and nicotine receptors' blocker, - but such improvement is only among men. Complicated therapy doesn't influence women and scientists cannot understand what is the reason as of yet.</p>