<p><b>Scientists have found out how effective electronic cigarettes are. Part 2</b></p> <p>Lack of molecular-genetic data about nicotine dependence peculiarities is named among main reasons of low effectiveness of anti-nicotine therapy. Another main reason is hidden in psychology: smokers become dependent not only of nicotine but of smoking ritual as well: to take cigarette, to light it up, to inhale deeply, and to feel smoke...</p> <p>And here electronic cigarette can come to rescue. It supplies smoker with nicotine, but number of carcinogens is reduced thousands of times in it. Moreover, in spite of the fact that electronic cigarettes have widely appeared almost ten years ago on the market, almost nobody has studied their curative effect. That is why in medicine they are also used once in a while as there are no reliable proofs to their favor.</p> <p>But situation began to change lately. Recently result of two researches has been published where effectiveness of electronic cigarettes was studied purposefully. In the first work forty heavy smokers during six months have smoked electronic cigarettes and to the end of this period twenty two persons have either stopped smoking at all or began to smoke twice less. (Some of them, however, continued using electronic cigarettes). Second research has confirmed results of the first one on larger selection: three hundred of persons participated in it.</p> <p>Moreover, smokers who smoked electronic cigarettes without nicotine began to smoke less as well! (However, effect of non-nicotine electronic cigarettes was less). I.e. it may be enough for a person just to de-stress and to do without nicotine.</p> <p>Generally it is possible that electronic cigarettes will become everyday medical practice soon. But it will happen only after scientists make sure of negative side effect. At present moment such researches are made in New Zealand, approximately 650 of smokers participate in them.</p>