<p><b>Tragedy: death because of electronic cigarette</b></p> <p>A two and a half years old girl has died in the Hadassah hospital (Ein-Kerem) after she has accidentally swallowed solution with nicotine meant for filling electronic cigarettes.</p> <p>Naomi Elbaz has died away in the house of her parents located in Beit-Israel district in Jerusalem. "Magen David Adom" doctors came to emergency site trying to stabilize the child's heart work. Then she was taken to hospital in critical condition, where doctors after vain attempts of reanimation were reluctant to pronounce her death.</p> <p>Police has started to investigation of circumstances of the case. Social workers have been involved.</p> <p>They consider suspicion of tort of negligence; parents will have to answer difficult questions. At the same time police has sent bottle from which has drunk girl to medico legal investigation laboratory.</p>