<p><b>Electronic cigarette was given the green light</b></p> <p>Green light for electronic cigarettes! But pseudo-cigarettes can be also harmful. Experts are afraid that young people because of "such innocent smoking" may take to real tobacco. It is necessary to make as detailed explanation as possible about harm of electronic cigarette - mention article authors in French media referring to conclusion of prominent specialists of smoking control.</p> <p>Pseudo-cigarette, filled with vegetable glycerin, flavored with aromatic oils, but sometimes with microscopic doses of tobacco, certainly, is less harmful - considers "Figaro". However, basing on "old established axiom" that tobacco dependence is much stronger than alcohol; authors of report about positive qualities of electronic cigarettes came to conclusion that such cigarette doesn't allow losing "the habits of heavy smoker".</p> <p>However, specialists incline to opinion that smoking of pseudo-cigarette is much "healthier", than of real tobacco. Even so, it is better not to sell these <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> to young people who haven't reached 18 years. It is also not recommended to smoke electronic cigarettes to pregnant and nursing women. And not because such cigarette represents danger for health but because all these "pros" and "cons" haven't been enough examined - explains the edition and recommends to specialists to hurry up.</p> <p>Tabacologists consider that electronic cigarette may become effective weapon that they wait edgily for. Newspaper looks at tobacco "substitute" that becomes more and more popular optimistically. For the last two years 6 % of Frenchmen have declared that they have tried electronic cigarette but 1 % have switched to them for good. "Figaro" considers that it is time to promote affordability of electronic cigarette and in this case more heavy smokers will refuse harmful for health tobacco.</p> <p>"Don't fall under glamour of electronic cigarette" - warns "Crua". But it will be difficult to do. There are pseudo-cigarettes with different flavors - both for people who got used to smoke <b>menthol cigarettes</b> and for strawberry lovers. However, all these elegant substitutes contain nicotine.</p> <p>"We are afraid that many people, especially, youth, from electronic cigarettes "fans" will become heavy smokers of real tobacco. That is why we express strong dissent against sale of electronic cigarettes to minors" - newspaper quotes the head of National Committee for Tobacco Control Professor Ive Martine. Experts are also strongly against presence of electronic cigarette in public places.</p> <p>And here is the reason. "Smoking ban in public places will be "undermined"" - quotes catholic newspaper the words of Professor Duesenberg. It will step backwards - considers famous scientist and cited the following example: "Teacher during school break lights up electronic cigarette. What example does she show to her pupils? Of course, bad one" - quotes the newspaper and marks that smoking opponents will not stop here. They demand ban of electronic cigarettes in all places where smoking is prohibited.</p>