<p><b>Europe has agreed about clampdown against flavored and electronic cigarettes</b></p> <p>Ministers of Heath of all 27 countries-members of EU have agreed about introducing full ban on menthol and other flavored <b>cigarettes</b>. Electronic cigarettes were decided to consider medicines, make long tests and sell them only in pharmacies.</p> <p>Ministers of Health of 27 countries-members of EU gathered in Luxemburg and have taken political decision about prohibition of entire group of <b>cigarettes</b> and restriction of sales a number of other. One of the steps taken by the government of EU countries will become ban on menthol and other flavored <b>cigarettes</b>. Such <b>cigarettes</b>, according to the opinion of ministers, are dangerous as, first of all, they attract youth to smoking making tobacco addiction easier. According to the data of Euro Commission, today 70% of smokers in Europe start smoking in the age of 18.</p> <p>Euro Commission offered also to prohibit equally with menthol so called "slims" <b>cigarettes</b>. However, this offer was rejected by 5 EU members - Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. They have declared that elimination of slims <b>cigarettes</b> will cause only elimination of tens of thousands of work places and increase of counterfeit trade.</p> <p>Ministers have also discussed electronic cigarettes. Recent researches have shown that propylene glycol that electronic cigarettes contain is not less dangerous. And inside them is also used nicotine.</p> <p>"They contain nicotine - substance that builds up a tolerance that is dangerous itself', - Minister of Health James Reilly has declared. "Maybe they (electronic cigarettes) are less toxic, but, to my opinion, it doesn't mean that they are less dangerous". <p>That is why was taken decision to reclassify electronic cigarettes as medicines and they will have to be checked and received certificates like all other pharmaceuticals and be sold only in pharmacies.</p> <p>Distribution of this type of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> outside network of pharmacies will be prohibited.</p> <p>In some EU countries already took force laws that prohibit certain types of <b>cigarettes</b>. For example, in Belgium, Denmark and Norway electronic cigarettes are wholly prohibited. In Finland their sale is prohibited, however, they can be imported for personal use. But in Austria they already are classified as medicines. Recently was decided to fall back to analogous measure in Great Britain but there respective law should come into force not earlier than in 2016. About their intention to prohibit smoking of electronic cigarettes in public places has declared France, what according to the opinion of French authorities, will deprive products of its main advantage in front of usual <b>cigarettes</b> and will reduce sales.</p>