<p><b>Mass-media: in Poland price increase by one zloty for a pack of cigarettes is expected</b></p> <p>In 2014 <b>cigarettes</b> in Poland will increase in price more than by one zloty, promise unofficially representatives of tobacco concerns.</p> <p>Increase will be consequence of excise tax increase on tobacco products. Ministry of Finance has promised excise tax increase since 2014 by 4-5 %. It means that <b>cigarettes</b> should increase in price maximum by 60 grosz. But tobacco concerns warn that increase may be twice higher. They explain that to such decision they are pushed by market situation - demand on legal tobacco products that reduces from month to month.</p> <p>For one pack of the <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net"><b>cheapest cigarettes</b></a> is necessary to pay on Poland market averagely 11 zlotys 40 grosz. The next year this price may be even higher for more than 1 zloty - i.e. will make not less than 12 zloty and 40 grosz. These days Lithuanian parliament has approved amendments to the excise law taxes that will lead to price increase on <b>cigarettes</b> and alcohol. According to the calculations, half a liter of beer will increase in price averagely by 3 cents, wine - by 16 cents, pack of <b>cigarettes</b> - approximately 30 cents.</p>