<p><b>Electronic cigarette are by no means harmless - state scientists</b></p> <p>Many smokers, willing to reduce harm of such vicious habit with increasing frequency switch to popular electronic cigarettes. But, how competent analysts of regular section "Science news" of modern Internet-edition "Stock leader" inform, German scientists have recently found out that namely electronic analogs are able to harm health more than tobacco.</p> <p>So, present head of Federal Medical Center in Cologne has determined that well-known substance propylene glycol that electronic cigarettes contain for necessary nicotine evaporation is able to cause powerful chronic irritation. In special cartridges to electronic cigarette is also present another very harmful substance - carcinogen nitrosamine.</p> <p>Besides, electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with modern medical devices, what means that they don't go though strictest control and necessary safety check. It is important to note that electronic cigarettes on legislative level are prohibited in Norway, Lithuania, Denmark, Australia, and Brasilia and also in Canada. Let's remind that electronic cigarette is an electronic device for special tobacco smoking imitation namely by steam generation that contains small percentage of nicotine that has form of and during inhalation arouses real taste sensations of tobacco smoke. They are produced in form of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, smoking pipes and cigars, other forms are met as well.</p> <p>Electronic cigarette was invented for the first time in 2004 in Hong Kong by Hon Lik.</p> <p>In turn, in 2008 WHO representatives have declared that electronic cigarettes are not considered as nicotine replacement therapy. In official declaration is told that WHO doesn't have scientific data that confirm safety and effectiveness of this product and the Sellers should remove information on their web-sites and other information materials any assertions that WHO members consider it effective and safe remedy that facilitates struggle with such dependence.</p>