<p><b>Meditation will wean from cigarette. Part 2</b></p> <p>There are a lot of meditation forms - with concentration on emptiness, on chakras, on the candles' light, on heart beating etc.</p> <p>The most traditional of them is Buddhist "remembering" meditation.</p> <p>Most often meditating person initially concentrates on thin air feeling that touches nostrils during inhalation and expiration. Researchers have introduced for it scientific name - "Integrative Body-Mind Training" IBMT.</p> <p>Before and after IBMT and sessions of general relaxation for participants of control group, volunteers passed tests on content of carbon monoxide in expired air.</p> <p>The same way like well-known per mille serve objective measure of drank alcohol these texts objectively tell about quantity of smoked tobacco.</p> <p>Tests made before meditation sessions, right after and in two weeks after it, have shown that persons under test have significantly (in average by 60 %) reduced tobacco consumption.</p> <p>It doesn't concern quantity of smoked <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> as it may be smoked till the filter or may be thrown after two-three inhalations. That is why before tests on carbon monoxide many participants haven't even suspected that they began to smoke less. Among volunteers that entered control group tests have not shown any changes.</p> <p>To understand which brain areas react on IBMT, researchers have used functional magnetic resonance imaging. Preliminary made tomography has shown weakened activity of some brain parts (as compared to the control group of non-smokers) that has testified self-control disturbance. After 2 weeks of IBMT sessions their activity was restored but it remained the same among participants pf control group. Perhaps, the main conclusion of this work became that IBMT meditation not only reduced stresses, but also intensifies self-control - namely it helped people that were not going to quit smoking, if not to forget about smoking, at least restrict it significantly.</p> <p>"We don't know how long will last the effect of reduced smoking, - tells professor Posner, - but, though it is just the beginning of researches, results give hope. Probably, to prolong effect will be necessary to increase general duration of meditations".</p>