<p><b>Electronic cigarettes in Israel will be equaled to usual. Part 2</b></p> <p>Besides, Ministry of Health also plans to introduce ban for smoking on stadiums and amphitheater that was refused by authorities last year when ban has applied only on bus stations, railway station and some other places. Introducing stadiums and amphitheatres to this list of places prohibited for smoking is explained in the department with the fact that people cannot change the place that was allotted to them during ticket purchase and that is why they unwillingly have to inhale smoke of smoking neighbor, being exposed to passive smoking. "It is not logic that smoker's choice should be secured on account of other people welfare who have the right to enjoy the place they visit and not to risk their own health", - notes Yael Bar-Zeev.</p> <p>Finally Ministry of Health counts on introducing some changes in already existing norms. So, according to memorandum published by the Ministry is offered to prohibit smoking on terraces and balconies of coffee shops if their area is less than 20 square meters (now this norm is 15 meters).</p> <p>Also Ministry wants to make owners of such institutions prohibiting under penalty of fine to place special signs, informing about smoking ban in this zone and also prohibit placing "on default" ashtrays on the tables. The last one can be rated, particularly, as untaken measures for smoking prevention in public place what is on its own is separate infraction.</p>