<p><b>Estonian Health Fund suggests to equal electronic cigarettes to usual tobacco</b></p> <p>Estonian Health Fund (ETF) suggested the Ministry of Social Affairs to equal electronic cigarettes to usual tobacco and to prohibit their advertising and smoking in public places, sale to minors and also impose electronic cigarettes with nicotine tax.</p> <p>"Consumption of electronic cigarettes has grown sharply and in minors' area. Without researching it is impossible to determine if specific electronic cigarette contains nicotine or not. If in response to observation of adult person children who smoke electronic cigarettes in public transport answer that it is allowed, it becomes clear that society needs clear regulation of the question", - the ETF chairman of the board Aero Marylind has told to BNS.</p> <p>Fund offers the Estonian Institute of health development and Institute of conjuncture to make researches of safety electronic cigarettes consumption for health.</p>