<p><b>UAE authorities have restricted hookah smoking</b></p> <p>In UAE is prohibited home and office delivery of hookah ready for smoking.</p> <p>Under terms of smoking control United Arab Emirates authorities have prohibited service that is popular in some Middle East countries, namely - delivery of ready for smoking hookahs in houses and offices. Also new measure restricts places for smoking.</p> <p>Law allows smoking in premises that meet strict requirements. So, locations placed in commercial centers, hotels and block of flats should have license for this. At the same time rooms for hookah smoking should be separated from places for nonsmokers.</p> <p>UAE government during several years fights against <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and hookah smoking. In 2010 in UAE was adopted federal law about control of <b>cigarettes</b> smoking that foreseen big fine and even prison confinement for breakers. The law is enforced by special tobacco smoking control committee that was created by government.</p>