<p><b>Smokescreen: what for Bulgaria returned to discussion about smoking ban? Part 1</b></p> <p>Parliamentary group of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) that in the point of fact governs the country prepares changes in the Law about health protection. These amendments should cancel total ban on smoking in public places, informs Bulgarian newspaper with reference to its informers from group pf so called "red" deputies.</p> <p>"Left-wing has already prepared draft amendments to the law. According to them after 10 p.m. smoking will be allowed in all entertaining and drinking establishments. In day restaurants, coffee shops and bars are foreseen opening of rooms for smokers and non-smokers" - writes Bulgarian newspaper.</p> <p>It is interesting that theme of ban cancellation in Bulgaria even in the period of electoral campaigns in April-May has transformed into political factor. Opposition at that time socialists have promised smokers and owners of drinking establishments to introduce to the law corresponding changes in case of coming to power, of course, in return of electors' votes.</p> <p>Healthy lifestyle denial seems to be firm conviction of significant number of Bulgarian socialists. BSP leader doesn't conceal that he is a smoker for many years now as majority of "red" deputies who, of course, will support total cancellation of smoking ban. "National-radical" party that denies all European whims also promises to do this.</p> <p>Such presentation has already evoked new wave of discussions in society about smoking. It is clear that significant of people that strife after healthy lifestyle deny possibility of tobacco smoke return to public places. On top of everything else "socialistic" initiative seriously prejudices the rights of the most unprotected "passive smokers" - sick citizens, old people and children.</p> <p>No wonder that "tobacco" theme immediately has transformed again to political factor. Even smoking deputies from GERB party that wasn't able to form parliament coalition have already declared that they will vote against repeal of the smoking ban in public places.</p> <p>It is not clear as of yet if votes of GERB deputies will be enough for such ban. Representatives of one more Bulgarian parliament party "Action for rights and liberty" have urged their deputies to vote "in all fairness", in fact, supporting BSP position as partner of parliament coalition.</p>