<p><b>Smokescreen: what for Bulgaria returned to discussion about smoking ban? Part 2</b></p> <p>Representatives of Association of restaurants and hotels owners have revived noticeably. They also stand for entire repeal of the smoking ban in public places and have even asked for a meeting with prime-minister to convince him of necessity to introduce amendments to the Public Health law.</p> <p>Prime-minister Plamen Oresharski as leader of "socialist" government appeared to be in quite difficult situation. He understands very well his dependence of BSP as well as "one step back" in question of smoking ban will infringe rights of thousands non-smoking citizens and will give one more reason for street protests that will be supported by many nongovernmental organizations.</p> <p>Bulgaria was shocked with shots that were posted on the Internet, on which young mother shows how to smoke to her two-three years old child and even advises to shake off ashes in the coffee mug. This video made on the mobile phone by this mother has shocked entire country. But, it seems that it hasn't changed opinion of "red" deputies.</p> <p>In the meanwhile in this situation has already interfered European committee. European officers have clearly suggested Bulgarian authorities as EU member that they don't welcome any "facilitations" in regards of full ban on tobacco smoke in public places.</p> <p>"Such actions conflict with efforts that EU applies for creating favorable environment without tobacco smoke in public places" - has marked European Commissar for Health Tonio Borg. He has reminded that Bulgaria has joined Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and should meet commitment.</p>