<p><b>American mass-media: electronic cigarettes cause drug dependence</b></p> <p>Live on New York channel WNBC has sounded information that nicotine is not the only harmful substance that electronic cigarettes may contain. More and more people smoke marijuana with their help without any fear of being caught.</p> <p>According to experts' words, marijuana doesn't evolve its' characteristic smell is smoking it, for instance, by mixing with water. Many drug addicts use the fact that similar property have electronic cigarettes. Moreover, as these devices don't evolve smoke, in case of need they always can be easily hidden in the pocket.</p> <p>As representatives of drug control service affirm, smoking of electronic cigarettes among minors becomes more and more widespread and dangerous phenomenon.</p> <p>Often teenagers smoke with their help not only tobacco.</p> <p>"It causes serious concern, - says Lieutenant Kevin Smith from department of drug control of the Nassau district police. - For youth marijuana is often just a way to serious dependence. Then go acids, powders and, finally, heroin".</p> <p>He reminded that electronic cigarettes dependence with "pot" in some cases causes even more pernicious habits and bad final.</p> <p>In the meantime as Forbes magazine notes, activist of smoking control John Banzhaf three years ago has called facilitation of access to marijuana one of potential and almost one of the main hazards of electronic cigarettes.</p>